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Ever try a 5 card speech?

Have you ever tried making a 5 card speech? No, you don’t need a deck of cards. You do need a bunch of your business cards. Here’s the idea…

If you are asked to speak, without a fee, ask if you can offer the members of the audience some of your business cards. Tell the audience, near the end of your speech, that if they enjoyed your presentation that they are invited to take 5 of your cards and give them to folks who might also like to hear you speak. Since they didn’t pay anything to hear you speak it’s a win win. They get your insights and you have a chance to get more speaking engagements.

Try it!

Beware of the worst word during public speaking!

Some people are offended by four letter words. EVERYONE is offended, whether or not they tell you, by a one letter word. Nobody wants to hear you say I. They don’t come to hear about you. They come to hear about how you will make them better. The more you say I, the less they want to hear you. Toastmasters have an “Ah-counter” to help them avoid using sounds as a crutch. The best word to use when speaking is You. That’s what they want to hear about.